rhino van pipe tubes

Rhino Van Pipe Tube Carriers

This modern design pipe tube carrier is manufactured from light but strong aluminium tubing, combined with tough aerodynamically designed glass filled plastic end cones, to ensure minimal wind drag and maximum style. Sold in 3M lengths, the practical size enables plumbers / heating engineers to safely transport over 50 x 15mm copper tubes as well as plastic tubing / trunking for the electrical and general building trades. The new model design and manufactured on the recommendations of Autorack.co.uk - includes improved anti theft locks, and a unique steel bulkhead, increasing the overall strength and security of the pipe tube. The Pipe Tube attaches to your roof rack using bolts slotted into a "T-Track" system in the tube. The bolts are then positioned around the roof bars and attached using a universal fitting kit (supplied). This type of fixings enable the pipe tube to be fitted to almost all different styles of roof racks.